A low cost precision gasket cutting machine that cuts gaskets with speed, ease, and accuracy in all standard gasket material from 1/32" to 3/16" thick.

The ROBINSON JRGCM GASKET MACHINE cut gasket sizes from 2" inside diameter to 22" outside diameter. Special center bars may be purchased for cutting gaskets:

Part # 25 2" to 22" in diameter
Part #26A 22" to 42" in diameter
Part #26B 42" to 62" in diameter
Part #34 Set of Cutters - One top cutter & One bottom cutter

Mount in a standard bench-vise. Punch a 11/32" hole (#1 punch) in the packing to be cut. Mount packing on spindle. Set the calibrated center bar to the radius desired, pull down the lever to lower the top cutting wheel and with a turn of the crank you have a "PERFECT GASKET."
(cuts Perfect ring gaskets, also can cut Irregular shaped gaskets.)

All parts are replaceable.
Motorized version available.
Extra Heavy Duty machine bench-mount available (JRHDG)

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