Tapered Tube Plugs
(drive in 7, 9, 15, 16)

Place small end of plug into tube end. Drive it into place with light hammer blows.

Two Piece Tube Plug (#8)

Place Bushing into tube. Tap it into place with light hammer blows. Place pin into bushing and tap it until bushing is expanded, which seats the tuba and stops the leak.

Quick Push Rubber Plug (#10)

Can be inserted by pushing against the inside cavity wall using setting tool. Length increases reducing the O.D. allowing plug to enter the tube. Remove the setting tool and tube is sealed. Use JR9PST1 Setting Tool for best results.

Quick Push Adjustable Plug #11

Remove cap using screw driver. Increase body length by turning adjustable screw. Place plug in tube end and turn adjusting screw until plug is tight in the tube, replace cap.

Snap Plug #12

Place plug in tube end, push down on T-handle, plug snaps in place. Leak proof seal to be used with JRVLD Vacuum Leak Detector.

Fibre with Brass Insert # 13

Drive plug into position using round stock such as a wooden dowel slightly smaller than the tube I.D.. This will ensure that the fibre and brass are driven in together, sealing the tube. Do not drive the brass insert alone. Only minimal force is required.

Expandable Rubber Plug • Quick Removal • Reusable

To insert a Robinson Condenser Plug use a Robinson Inside Setting Tool, this is a 7/16" Hex Spintite with depth gauge.

  1. Tighten nut until plug is overexpanded to a diameter too large to slip into the end.
  2. Place Plug in tube end.
  3. Turn nut counter-clockwise, allowing plug to become smaller in diameter, while pushing plug flush to the end of tube or until depth gauge touches.
  4. Reverse nut by turning clockwise to tighten plug and to secure in condenser tube.
  5. This plug cannot be inserted with a flat blade screwdriver. Nut must be on the outside.
Available in Fibre, Brass, Aluminum, Bronze, Steel, Phenolic, Chrome Molly, Cupro Nickel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Monel.
When ordering, specify O.D. and gauge of tube.

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