Figure Part No Description Figure Part No Description
1 JR64050 Housing 14 JR63359 Trigger Assembly
2 JR40157 Dowel Pin 15 JR14291 O Ring
3 JR14281 O Ring 16 JR64052 Tube
4 JR54955 Adapter Inlet 17 JR64048 Ejector
5 JR30463 Screen 18 JR64047 Orifice
6 JR21541 Retainiing Ring 19 JR14311 O Ring
7 JR54222 Valve 20 JR09510 Nylon Nut
8 JR14378 O Ring 21 JR64051 Adj Air Screw
9 JR11600 Body Valve 22 JR62222 Filter
10 JR21401 Spring 23 JR64054 Cage Vacuum
11 JR12676 Trigger 24 JR64052 Tube
12 JR06458 Set Screw 25 JR14291 O Ring
13 JR06459 Set Screw 26 JRNI125 Nozzle

To check tubes for leaks the adjustment screw should be set at maximum sensitivity. To set the adjustment screw for maximum sensitivity:
1) Plug the vacuum inlet and pull the air supply trigger.
2) Back cut the adjustment screw until a maximum vacuum is seen. (Approx. 18" of Hg.)
3) Turn the screw in until a vacuum drop of 1" occurs.
4) Tighten the nylon nut to prevent any air leaks from giving false leakage readings. The tool is now at its maximum sensitivity setting

Plug one end of tube with a rubber tube plug of correct size. Put the VLD in the other end of tube. Pull the air supply trigger.

MAINTENANCE: Clean the inlet screen, orifice, or ejector if they become clogged. This is necessary when the tool no longer produces a normal reading. Do not blow compressed air into the vacuum inlet. This will damage the vacuum gauge. When reassembling be sure to use thread sealing compound, or tape on the gauge and ejector threads to prevent vacuum leaks.

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